If stripes disrupt a fly, they might also possibly disrupt a

The poor thing was probably lost. A lot of wildlife tend to follow their noses and sniff out our garbages then have a hard time getting home because of cars and people. After all they are scavangers as well as hunters and our trash smells like a feast to them.

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We make ridiculously elaborate costumes but they never cost us

The Federalists left a lasting legacy in the form of a strong Federal government with a sound financial base and after losing executive power they decisively shaped Supreme Court policy for another three decades through the person of Chief Justice John Marshall.[8]On taking office in 1789, President Washington nominated New York lawyer Alexander Hamilton to the office of Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton wanted a strong national government with financial credibility. Hamilton proposed the ambitious Hamiltonian economic program that involved assumption of the state debts incurred during the American Revolution, creating a national debt and the means to pay it off and setting up a national bank, along with creating tariffs.

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The stagnant, smelly water lures female mosquitoes

I don’t intend to justify anything, it just bothers me when people attempt to argue that this is “our” country and it’s being extorted by invaders for financial gain. We have to realize that our history hasn’t been pretty. The Puritans were immigrants, too!! The Europeans stole land and resources from the native Americans.

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canada goose coats on sale What was remarkable about the argument was that it occurred at all. The normally cautious Clinton decided, for reasons that only she can explain, to escalate the situation by making it personal. Obama, perhaps out of a concern that Clinton’s camp had decided to ramp up the controversy, decided he needed to answer in kind canada goose coats on sale.